What are the Signs of Good Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Now a days, crime rate has increased, so one needs to have information about a good Criminal Defense Lawyer or attorney. You are not criminal or felony everyone knows but there are many unfortunate circumstances that can occur. You might be wrongly convicted for a murder or arson, just because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, so one must have adequate knowledge of a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Criminal Defense Lawyers are mostly barristers, who specialize in the defense of an individual or organization against charges with criminal activities. One can hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer privately, but if you cannot afford one then the government appoints one on your behalf; the latter is called a public defender.

When someone commits a crime, it generally involves a police officer, a federal agent or a judge. Some of the crimes committed are small in nature that a night in jail is the only punishment it receives. But many crimes are so intense in nature that Criminal Defense Lawyer is hired for the process.

Which Criminal Defense Lawyer to Hire?

You must be wondering about the question mentioned above. Yes there are various Criminal Defense Lawyers to serve in different types of situations. But the hard part is to choose the right one from them.

Criminal Defense Attorneys:

They are practicing lawyers under certain jurisdictions that specialize in criminal defense. They can be self-employed, working in a law firm and other non-profitable organizations or for the government.

The Criminal Defense Attorney will make strategies to challenge the strength, validity and sufficiency of the evidence brought against the client. The Criminal Defense Attorney will try to do everything in this power to prove the innocence of the client.

Public Defenders:

Public defenders are Criminal Defense Lawyers appointed by the government to those convicts who cannot afford to hire one. They are bar-licensed Criminal Defense Lawyers who represent accused clients in the court of law.

Civil Defense Attorneys:

This type of Criminal Defense Lawyers deals in cases including divorce, personal injuries and mass torts. They try to prove that their client is not responsible for a particular case.

Juvenile Defense Attorneys:

They deal in cases involving youngsters from the age of 10 to 17 years. These youngsters are not tried as adults, although some of the crimes they committed are similar to those of adults. This Criminal Defense Lawyer specializes in juvenile laws and tries to convince the court to send the defendant to a rehabilitation center rather than been incarcerated.

Criminal Defense Lawyer and the qualities:

When you have decided which type of Criminal Defense Lawyer you want to hire (See: our detailed guide on how to find a criminal defense lawyer location), now you must find a good one.

Although all Criminal Defense Lawyers have the same qualities but one must make sure to hire the right one. Whenever you are hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer you must look for the following traits.

Expert in his field:

A good Criminal Defense Lawyer must be an expert and have complete knowledge of each and every legal aspect of the case. He must do a thorough research on every aspect of the case he has undertaken.

What will be the consequences if the defendant does not plead guilty, any wrong witness can jeopardize the case or even small detailed must be kept into consideration.

Skilled in Communicating:

In order to be a good speaker one must be a good listener as well. A Criminal Defense Lawyer must have both traits. To understand a case properly the Criminal Defense Lawyer must listen to each and every detail of the client’s case, even the minor information sometimes become crucial for the case. Also he must have the ability to present the case clearly and in detail to the court.

Protecting client’s Privacy:

When a Criminal Defense Lawyer takes oath, he is bound to ensure the confidentiality of the client. It is vitally important not to leak any information regarding the client or the case. Investigation should be done on his own without discussion with other sources.

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Right Time Aggression:

A Criminal Defense Lawyer must be calm and patient, but sometimes showing aggression becomes a necessity. Show aggression at the right time is a positive attribute for a good Criminal Defense Lawyer. At many times convincing the jury become difficult but right time aggression sometimes becomes rewarding and helps in winning the case.

Convincing Style:

There are times when it seems that you are losing a case, but if you hired a good Criminal Defense Lawyer then he can convince the jury and can reduce your criminal charge to a lesser, lessen the severity of the punishment for the crime; reduce or eliminate jail time; and help you develop a sound defense strategy.

Defense skills, strategy and tactics used by a good Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Other things that one must consider when hiring a good Criminal Defense Lawyer is what defense skills, strategy and tactics he uses. This is as important as other qualities mentioned above. If he has full command over these then you have nothing to fear.

  1. Mistaken Identity:

A good Criminal Defense Lawyer can prove that the client is not the real culprit; someone with the same description must have committed the crime.

  1. Accident

The Criminal Defense Lawyer can also prove that the crime committed was an accident and the accused did not intend to do so.

  1. Defendant has an Alibi

The good Criminal Defense Lawyer must provide a solid alibi for the defendant, which means he must prove that the client was in another city while the crime was committed.

  1. Misconduct of the Police

Unfortunately some law enforcement officials commit misconduct during their investigations. For some personal benefit they pressurize the people in giving false confessions.

  1. Self Defense or Defense of Others

A good Criminal Defense Lawyer can argue that the crime committed by his client was in self defense or he was trying to defend his family members of friends.

  1. Involuntary Intoxication

It may happen that you might have been drugged by some criminal and committed the crime but accused you of it. The Criminal Defense Lawyer can put up an agreement that the client was intoxication but involuntarily.

So if you find that the Criminal Defense Lawyer you have hired displays these personal and professional traits then rest assure that you are in the hands of a good Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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