What is Criminal Justice Degree and Major?

What is Criminal Justice Degree & Major Guide: Whenever we hear the term Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major, we know what it is but don’t understand the importance of it. Criminal Justice Degree is a four-year program including coursework in statistics, methods of research, criminal justice, policing, U.S court systems, criminal courts, corrections, community corrections, criminal procedure, criminal law, victim logy, juvenile justice, and a variety of special topics.

You see every now and then crimes motivated by biasness or simply they are called hate crimes. Hate crimes occur when a specific individuals or group is targeted on the basis of prejudice against his/ her  sex, ethnicity, disability, language, nationality, physical appearance, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The victims of a hate crime may suffer from physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, mate crime, offensive graffiti, letters and hate mails.

So when Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major do comes in motion? It does from the very beginning. Everybody knows the gravity of Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major that they help solve crimes and determine between the right and wrong. Little we know that there are other qualities people acquire when they study Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major.

You may have noticed that during s crisis the law enforcement officers are really calm and collected this is because if they themselves panic then who will control the whole situation. So they are trained in such a way that they exhibit an organized behavior.

When you experience hate crime in your area, people think that law enforcement officers themselves are biased but a good Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major teaches them to think open-mindedly and with reason.

A good law enforcement officer understands the importance of knowledge about the Criminal Justice System. So he will gather facts and evidences, take witness records and carry out the whole investigation under the rules and regulations of the Criminal Justice System.

Do Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major Helps?

Whenever we watch the news on Criminal Justice Degree about a hate crime, we feel pity for the victims, but are amazed to see the law enforcement officers or people in the Criminal Justice System. One might think about the whole process of an investigation and the role of Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major.

When a 911 call is received at the dispatch center, the call agent talks full detail of your call. This information is dispatched to the police officers patrolling near that area. These officers are trained in Police sciences. They make an initial pre-arrest investigation of the area of the hate crime focus. If they are able to handle the situation by themselves then they do so arrests or fine the culprit but if the situation gets out of hand then they call for back up.

In response to the back up call different law enforcement personal reach the crime scene. The most important person is the lead investigator who has a Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major in Criminal Investigation. The degree includes study of facts, locate and prove the accused criminal guilty. Criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various Modern-day methods of investigation known collectively as forensic science.

But this lead criminal investigator does not work alone; he has a team of investigators with him. They include forensic expert who acquires a Criminal Justice Degree and Criminal Justice Major in forensic law. He may work alone or he also has a team. The people in his team are referred to as Crime Scene Technicians. Either way he collects evidence based on toxicology, ballistics, finger prints and DNA sample. These samples are then analyzed through modern and old techniques.

A major issue that we all face now days is terrorism, so the investigators have to rule out any act involving terrorism. This is where the experts in Counterterrorism come in. Through unbiased and critical analyses, they determine where it is a hate crime against an individual or a specific community. These people have a Criminal Justice Degree in Counterterrorism.

When terrorism is ruled out and the crime committed is confirmed as a hate crime. Then eyewitnesses are questioned about the crime. This can be done by ordinary police officers or even first responders but some eyewitness accounts are crucial to the investigation, so investigators having Criminal Justice Major in Eyewitness Testimony conduct a special cognitive interview to retrieve suppressed memories of the crime happened.

When all of this pre-arrest investigation is done; at times the investigators catch the culprit from the crime scene but sometimes they need time to analyze the data collected. This data can also be send to criminal profilers to determine the thin line between suspects. They use different investigative tools to determine the real culprit form the pool of suspects.

At many times evidence points towards a threat that can harm the nation so to rule out any threat Homeland Security in send the files. These people hold a Criminal Justice Degree who carefully and justly determines the threat as real or not.

As soon as an arrest is made the Criminal Administration comes in action. It is there job to protect the rights of the people of their country. These think tanks have a Criminal Justice Major in Criminal Administration. Whatever law they make must be abides by all.

Professionals having Criminal Justice Major in Constitutional Law are experts in this field. They make sure that the laws made are abides by and there is obstruction of what so ever in fulfillment of the laws.

The government provides the culprit with an attorney if he cannot afford it. The accused of the hate crime has now to be presented in court. At many times the culprit is not treated well by other people due to the degree of the crime he committed.

The law enforcers who have a Criminal Justice Major in Criminal Reforms work had to make such laws and reforms that everyone has right to be treated well.

When the culprit of a hate crime is presented in court the whole legal process is presented in front of jury. This jury consists of common people who are unbiased. Also there is a judge presiding over the whole case. The judge must have a Criminal Justice Major in Constitutional Law.

When the whole legal process is finished, the jury gives the verdict; either guilty or innocent of the hate crime. If guilty then there are other punishments besides capital punishment or incarceration. The people have Criminal Justice Major in Sociology can suggest other punishments to the jury members. They focus on social reforms of the culprit in order to make him a better citizen after he serves time in any community work or is released on probation.

You must have known now in detail about the different Criminal Justice Degrees and Criminal Justice Majors. There Criminal Justice Degrees and Criminal Justice Majors are just to name a few. If you have the passion and the curiosity to gain knowledge of the right procedure of a criminal investigation and how Criminal Justice Degrees and Criminal Justice Majors are connected then you have to know where to go.

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