Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check Guide: When you are planning to start a business, there are lots of crucial things to take into consideration; giving a proper name, registering the trade name, getting the company license, looking for a place, permission from local authority, open a business bank account and most importantly you must check felony data against the people you are willing to hire. Before investigating any felony data, one must

Do Felons Always Go to Jail

As you may know that felony is the category of crimes which are serious and dangerous in nature. Felonies are more severe than other crimes, they include; homicide, attempted murder, rape, arson, human trafficking, burglary, robbery, criminal damage to property, escaping from a prison, interfering with a guardian’s custody rights, and assisting in a felony. Although all these types of felony are of intense nature but not all felons go to jail. You might be thinking