Who is Responsible for Teaching Teens How to Drive? Mom or Dad?

Both Mom and Dad are responsible for Teen’s driving as both have an equal role in bringing up the Teen. Both Mom and Dad share responsibilities of teaching a Teen how to drive, s some Teens learn how to drive from their mothers and others from fathers. Both parents have to teach how to be responsible citizen also become role model for them.

 Teaching Teens How to Drive:

There are lots of things that parents can teach their teens before, at the time and after diving. First tell them to remain focus on the purpose of their learning how to drive. Teens are enthusiastic and drive rashly but parents need to teach them to be focused and patient.

Before learning how to drive, teens must help their parents in maintaining the car. In this way teens will know how difficult is to repair a damaged car, spare parts cannot be acquired easily. If they hire mechanic then it will cost too much so be careful while you drive.

You can also teach them to recognize strange sounds coming out of the vehicle and guess when to pull over, has the tire busted, the gas tank is empty or other parts need to be repaired.

The most important thing to teach a teen is to follow the traffic rules and regulations. If a police officer asks you to pull over, just for routine questioning, you must do so as you want to be role model for the teen. Running form the law will be a bad idea.

If the teen is old enough then give him some financial responsibilities. He takes up a job at a local bar, garage or anywhere he feel comfortable working. He must earn some money to meet his requirements. This money can help him fill the car insurance or any other damages.

Personal and passenger safety should also be a priority for the teen. The teen should not drive recklessly that the safety of those who are travelling with him is at risk. Parents should counsel teen in such a way that accidents can be avoided.

Other drivers will feel safe if the teen is careful in his driving. Parents can tell the teen not answer call while driving, keeps your eyes on the road and follow traffic signals and signs.

Always talk with teens about latest developments regarding traffic rules and regulations.

Before you go out have a look at the latest news regarding any traffic jams or obstructions caused by other accidents.

Consequences of a Bad Driving Education:

Parents should tell the teen the consequences of accidents that they cause and what effects will it have on the family.

If the teen ends up in an accident then the damages will be paid by the parents; this includes medical bills, damages made to the car etc.

Moreover it will give a bad name to the family, as the parents could not manage their teen well. How embracing it will be to face everyone.

If a person dies in the accident the teen has caused then the teen could be arrested and sent to jail.

So both Mom and Dad should teach the teen all they can to make him/ her responsible driver, otherwise the reckless driving can cause more damage than they will ever imagine. Parents can also decide punishments if teens break any traffic rule and regulation.

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