Jobs with Best Salary for Criminal Justice Degree Holders in US

Criminal Justice Salary & Jobs: Students who have graduated and have a Criminal Justice Degree must now find the appropriate job for themselves with best paid salary. The students of Criminal Justice can choose from a variety of subjects to study Criminal Justice Degree.

These subject include; Computer Forensics, Corrections, Counter-terrorism, Crime Scene Technician Certificate, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Psychology, Criminology, Cyber security, Emergency Management, Fish and Game Warden, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Nursing, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Legal Nursing, Legal Studies, Paralegal Certificate, Paralegal, Public Administration, Security Management and Sociology.

As you can see choosing from a variety of subjects will widen your prospective as many other opportunities will open for you. After graduating students often are confused about choosing their carrier paths. It is suggested by many occupational counselors to choose that job towards which your mind set goes.

Best Salary Paid Jobs Recommended:

Criminal Justice Salary: There are lots of carrier opportunities that one can acquire after getting Criminal Justice Degree.  There are multiple carriers you can pursue after graduating; Air Marshall, CIA Agent, Blood Spatter Analyst, Crime Scene Investigator, Deputy sheriff. But I will recommend the following jobs that will suit you the best.

  1. Lawyers:

The highest paid carrier that one can go after is that of a lawyer. Although all lawyers are paid high but the lawyers in the private sector receive the most as they offer their services as a defense attorney or prosecutor. These lawyers are paid up to $163,000.

  1. FBI Agents:

FBI Agents are called on duty when there danger level is at the highest e.g. a terrorist attack, arresting a dangerous criminal or any other security threats. The process of hiring is a long one but if you have law enforcement knowledge then you can qualify for the program. They receive salary up to $114,000.

  1. Judges:

Judges are an important part of any judicial system that is why they are paid $104, 000. They oversee criminal investigations, making decisions and issuing warrants. Most judges have previously been attorneys.

  1. Private investigator:

Many private investigators can earn up to $93,000, depending on the level of experience and commitment towards their job.

  1. Criminologist:

These people sociological data and analyze it to prevent crimes. They determine the type of crime and criminal. That is why they are paid $74,000.

  1. Police Officer:

A police officer has many tasks to do; patrol the area, pull someone over for a speeding ticket, catching unsafe drivers, stopping domestic violence and investigating crimes are all part of a day’s work. So they earn $65,000.

  1. Correctional Manager:

This person manages all the affairs in a correctional facility. They are responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates, prevent disturbances, assaults, and escapes by supervising activities and work assignments. He is paid $60,000.

Tips to consider before going for a Criminal Justice job interview:

Before you go and give your dream interview to the Criminal Justice department, here are some tips for you to consider.

You must know each and every detail of the job you are going to apply for; the job description, the working hours, average salary paid and the benefits you can get from that job.

As it is said first impression is the last. So present yourself in such a way that the interviewer thinks that you are worthy of the job. Act like a professional.

Don’t lose confidence at any time and be involved in the conversation that the interviewer is talking under. Non verbal gestures are also very important but decent ones.

Always keep a follow up on the progress of the interview.

As you can see that there are countless job opportunities that you can avail after getting a Criminal Justice Degree. But choosing the best one is important. I hope this article helped you in deciding for yourself which best salary paid job is perfect for you.

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