Investigation of Felony data before Setting up a Business

Criminal Background Check Guide: When you are planning to start a business, there are lots of crucial things to take into consideration; giving a proper name, registering the trade name, getting the company license, looking for a place, permission from local authority, open a business bank account and most importantly you must check felony data against the people you are willing to hire.

Before investigating any felony data, one must know what is felony? There are lots of differences between felony and misdemeanor. Felony is that category of crimes that are most serious and dangerous. They can be either violent or non-violent.

Felony usually included serious offenses such as: homicide, attempted murder, rape, arson, human trafficking, burglary, robbery, criminal damage to property, escaping from a prison, interfering with a guardian’s custody rights, and assisting in a felony.

Misdemeanor is a series of crimes that result in small fines or in-jail times for less than a year. Sometimes they can be released on probation or must serve community time. There may come circumstances that a misdemeanor can convert into a felon if certain aggravating factors are present.

Please check Felony data of your employees:

Till now you must have set the bar on which you will determine is your employee a felon or not. Many multi-national companies do a background check on their employees, but sometimes they don’t dig deep enough to do a fully fledged investigation. Have you ever thought why these background checks are important before Setting up a Business?

Is the employee worthy?

Well to start off one must know whether the employee an employer is hiring is worth the job or not. This will help you in categorizing the employees by their qualifications, also whether the information provided by the person is correct or forgery.

Safety comes first:

If the employee you hired is a felon then protecting the safety of others and the organization will be difficult. If someone has an abusive nature then he will always be in a fight. Or a person convicted with burglary will not be appropriate for the job of a security officer.

Locating the perfect area:

Finding an ideal work place for the business is very hectic and challenging. Many factors must be taken into consideration. You must profoundly check the demographics i.e. statistically for felony rate in the area you want to establish your business. If you choose the city of Chicago, so choose that area which has the least crime rate.

Avert controversies:

A thorough background check on felony data will help in avoiding controversies against the company. If a company’s reputation is being damaged then investors will not invest their money in your business. But hiring the right employees will help in developing the positive promotion of the company.

False identity crisis:

Many people sue false identities to get a specific job. Investigating felony data of employees can help eliminate such crisis. Many have also made false Social Security numbers. But deep digging of felony data base can reveal any loose ends.

Ways to Investigate Felony data:

When you are setting up a new business, you need to investigate any felony data against the employees you will hire. How will you do so? There are many various ways of investigating felony data.

Government Agencies:

One can fill a written application to different government and federal agencies to provide you with a detailed background check on the employees you are willing to hire.

Private Organizations:

If you want some private organization or law firm to investigate for you, then you must provide a written consent. If one of your employee wants to buy fire arm and there is no good reason for it then you can hire a private detective to investigate tin this matter.

Public opinion:

While investigating for felony data, public’s opinion is also very important. The way a person behaves in the public can say lots of things. The body language and gestures can reveal the other side of that person.

Social Media:

It is another way by which you can know someone’s criminal mentality. The posts he uploads, the pages liked, friends he has, all are taken under consideration. At many times the felon hides his identity under many things but deep investigation can show the true nature of the person.

All of us know that felony is a serious crime that has serious consequences. If you hire a person who is a convicted felon then the company may face many difficulties. So in order to avoid any legal confrontations one must deeply investigate for any felony data against the employees you are going to hire before starting a business.

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